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Why choose Provest Property Management

Our firm utilizes cutting-edge internet based technology to increase net operating income in numerous ways, including:

  • Latest Technology

Provest Realty & Property Management     is not tied to older, property management operating systems. This allows us to leverage the newest online technology to better serve you and the residents of the properties we manage. 

  •  Owner Portals

Statements are sent electronically twice monthly, and provide access to all property related data, maintenance requests, invoices, financial reports and tax statements.

  •   Direct Deposit

​​​Our property owners enjoy fastest in the industry next day deposit directly in to their checking or savings account within 48 hours of tenants payment clearing our account.

  •   an Resident Portals
           Make online rent payments using ACH (E-checks).
           Set up automatic monthly rent payments to eliminate late payments.
           Enter and review maintenance requests.
           View their balance and payment history.
           Renew their lease.
           Review lease forms and other related rental documents.
  • Tenant Screening
           Experian credit report with FICO
           Nationwide criminal and eviction background check
           2 years employment and income verification
           2 years rental history verification
           Lease with confidence to reduce debt collections.    
  • Marketing
Our integrated website software allows us to create a personalized property
listing to market your apartments or rental properties to prospective tenants online 24 hours a day to over 20 different websites.
  • ​We are fast!

​Your property is available to be seen 7 days a week 12 hours a day at the potential renters convenience! Because of this we generally rent homes faster than all of our competitors. Everyone knows: Time = $ Money!

  • Feedback

​​​Every potential renter is sent a text message link to complete a "Checkout Questionnaire" and asked for honest feedback, so we know what they did and did not like about the property after their viewing. With this information we can work with you to make adjustments as needed, without the need to guess, and waste your time and money!  

  • ​Communication

​We are available! - Call us, Text us, or email us! Same day response (usually within an hour or less during normal business hours) or we don't go home!

  • Cancel Anytime
           No long term contracts = No risk
  • Pleasant and Professional
            We take great pride in our customer service. We realize that everyone we deal with are
            our customers. This includes property owners, tenants, and outside vendors.


Give us a call and judge for yourself,


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