Gabby C. - Fontana, CA  

"We have been with Provest Realty and Property Management for over four years now I still recall the first day we went into the office, the staff was very professional, very knowledgeable, and they were able to answer all our questions. Being that I work, they make it very convenient to get a hold of me (per my request) via email or text and if call, text, or email their office, they are very good at responding back. I do not understand how other people have posted bad reviews about this company because all I have experienced is professionalism. I even have another family member who has her property managed by them. Great service which we plan on having Provest continue to manage our property. I most certainly would recommend them to my friends and family."

Gary S. - Roseburg, OR   

"These guys are great. Turned over 3 properties from another property manager. They are so much better keeping you updated."

Christine W. - Hesperia, CA   

"Provest was such a great company to work with. They keep in contact with you on everything from repairs to tenants. They really work had to get the right tenants for your property in a timely manner.  They are a great property Management team they care about you and your tenants.  I will always use them I had other property management that did not care about either one."

Matt A. - Anaheim, CA   

"Provest Realty really helped me fill my properties.  I was not doing a good job being over 1 hour away.  I was picking the wrong tenants had countless appointments and was suffering on my collections.  When I engaged Provest almost every tenant had to be replaced.  Now for quite some time each property has been filled with good paying tenants.  With the economy the way it is, it takes many applicants to find the right one.  Even when I needed repairs or renovations I was able to remotely deal with issues which was a great help due to my busy schedule.  The contractors they use are very inexpensive and do a great job.  I strongly recommend Provest as I have tried other property management companies with great disappointment."

Even more reviews......

Provest took over managing my property from another agency that I had for over 10 years.  What a wake up call in the property management service.  They are modernized and communicating with them was so easy.  They were truly a life saver for me since I live outside the US and they had to deal with a big mess when the tenant moved out.  They took care of everything.  Everything is online with regards to payments and receipts and they always returned my calls or answered my emails promptly.  I was always kept informed and updated every step of the way.  I highly recommend them for any property management service.

~ Josephine C.

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